O's Offense Missing

How badly do the Orioles miss leadoff man Brian Roberts?
Baltimore entered Friday’s game against the Phillies with a American League low
.303 on base percentage. They also are tied with the Angels for the worst
batting average (.247) and have scored an AL low 60 runs.

The Orioles leadoff hitter, Roberts is a sparkplug for Baltimore’s bats. While
it’s only Spring Training, the Orioles (5-10) haven’t looked overly impressive
at the plate in Grapefruit League action.

“I haven’t seen us play much,” said Roberts, who was cleared to begin baseball-related activities Thursday.
“I don’t know what our issues have been or if we’ve had them. I don’t
think anybody’s panicking over what’s happening in Spring Training.”

“I know we probably haven’t won as many games as you’d like, but most
important is probably the last week or 10 days, start to play a little bit
better baseball, and your starting guys who will be in your rotation will
hopefully start to go deeper in games and you’ll see them start to throw the
ball a little better, and you get your starting lineup in there together and
start to score a few more runs.”

Here are some of the batting lines for the Orioles expected starting nine (in
order of batting average, slugging percentage and on-base percentage). All
stats are updated through Thursday’s game.

Atkins .286/.524/.286
Izturis: .091/.091/.130
Jones: .231/.538/.250
Markakis: .370/.667/.370
Scott: .386/.632/.440
Tejada: .174/.261/.269
Wieters .111/.278/.273

Nolan Reimold is hitless this spring (0-for-15) while Felix Pie is 3-for-9 but
has only played four games. While Pie is expected to get back in the mix and
play Saturday afternoon (he’s been slowed by minor left shoulder tendinitis) at
what point do you start to worry about Reimold? The Os are taking it easy with
him after left Achilles tendon surgery, but given the state of the offense so
far, Baltimore can’t afford to add another struggling bat to the mix.

I know it’s early, but it’s still something to think about. With a young
pitching staff, you’d like to have guys who can put a few runs of support.

“We’re going to have a very good
offensive lineup,” Trembley said on Thursday. “As we get closer to
the end of spring, I think it’s apparent I’m stretching guys out, giving them
more at-bats, playing them back-to-back days. The more at-bats they get, the
better it will be for them. We’ll have a good offensive team, but there will be
days when the other team pitches better. It doesn’t mean there’s anything
wrong. That’s baseball.”

Asked if he’s satisfied with the
offensive performance so far, Trembley said, “You’re never satisfied. You
always want to do the best you can. You always think you can do more. I’m
pleased with the work, I’m pleased with the way our situational hitting has
improved. The attitude has been tremendous.”

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