Let the Madness begin


In case anyone was wondering where my allegiances are this NCAA season, that would be with my Spartans

I’ll use this post to relate any Oriole-related NCAA tidbits I get during March Madness. (And I want to constantly remind you of the glory that is Tom Izzo and the green and white.)

Yes, the Orioles (like most of the other teams) are doing a bracket challenge among the clubhouse. Players were scrambling around this morning to fill out their picks, which were due to setup man Jim Johnson. From what I’ve pieced together from various guys, they’re filling out four brackets and are also doing a number-type deal, which Brad Bergesen explained is similar to the Super Bowl sheets. You get a number and the second digit of the scores of each games wins.

Manager Dave Trembley said he didn’t fill out a bracket, but he’s a diehard Notre Dame fan. Guess his March Madness is officially over. :-)   [Full disclaimer- I can’t stand Notre Dame.]

Brandon Snyder
told me he won his bracket a few years ago when he picked George Mason, solely because they were the closest team to his hometown. Jason Berken, a Wisconsin fan, wasn’t overly optimistic about the Badgers chances, while Dennis Sarfate relayed a story about how he was rooting against Michigan State in a previous tournament. [He has now dropped about 20 places in the clubhouse in my opinion.]

If you’re wondering, I’ve got Villanova and Syracuse as the last two standing. Why? Because everyone picked Kansas and I like to go against the tide. I had Old Dominion winning that ND game and would love nothing more than  MD-MSU second-round matchup.

Because the Orioles have a 7:05 pm ET game that directly prevents from me from watching, I’m counting on the readers of this blog to update me via Twitter. Quite a role reversal I know.

But I’m confident in you guys and my Spartans! So much so that I’m seriously considering ditching my usual business attire for MSU apparel Friday night in Clearwater. If I can’t watch, I might as well be there in spirit, right?   

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