Guthrie wasn't great & the numbers show it



Manager Dave Trembley had just
one word to describe Jeremy Guthrie’s performance on Thursday afternoon:

“He pitched up,” Trembley

And the Blue Jays sent it out. Guthrie
allowed three homers – two to Travis Snider – and lasted just three innings in
his fourth start this spring.

” I think the results speak
for themselves,” Guthrie said of the 75-pitch outing. “I pitched like
the numbers show.”

That would be seven runs (six earned)
on seven hits with three walks, a dismal outing that ballooned Guthrie’s ERA to

“I wouldn’t know how to rate
it,” Guthrie said. “I am concerned. I want to get people out and I
haven’t gotten people out. So, I’d like to pitch better.”

On the heels of a dismal 2009 season,
Guthrie has made it no secret that he would like to return to the same pitcher
he was in ’07 and ’08. In those two seasons his ERA didn’t finish over 3.70
 and he allowed less than 25 homers. For comparisons sake,
Guthrie pitched his way to a 5.04 ERA last year, allowing 35 homers.

When asked to identify the problem with
Thursday’s outing, Guthrie said it was a little bit of everything.

“My pitches weren’t crisp and my
location wasn’t good,” he said.

“I can’t come up with anything
specific to address. I’m sure I will speak with [pitching coach Rick Kranitz to
check] if he sees something and then I bet we would. Coming out of this, I
don’t know necessarily mechanically if there is anything to address.”

Guthrie acknowledged that the biggest
obstacle following an outing like Thursday might be more mental than

” You’d like to be able to
maintain [focus], but I am human,” Guthrie said.  “So, when you
have a tough outing you have to really focus and work to get out of your head
and move forward with the next outing.”

Projected to be the team’s No. 2
starter, behind Kevin Millwood, Guthrie allowed five earned runs on eight hits
over 7 2/3 innings spread out over his previous three starts.


Trade him !

All his fastballs up no breaking stuff!

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