Reimold running not as bad as it looks

Manager Dave Trembley insists Nolan Reimold is progressively
running better, even if it doesn’t look so great.

“When I talked to Dr. [John] Wilckens today, it’s probably
not going to look real good,” Trembley said of Reimold, who had a slight limp
after sprinting down to first base in his second at-bat.  

“[Running is] not something that’s painful for him. When he
has to run, he can run,” Trembley said. “We’ll still be careful with him, we’ve
got three weeks. We’ll move him along and get him ready. For the type of
surgery he had, he’s doing real well.”

Reimold had season-ending surgery on his left Achilles
tendon in September and the Orioles have been cautious with him this spring. On
Sunday he made his second start in left field, playing five innings and going
0-for-2 in two at-bats before being lifted.  Trembley said that was the plan for Reimold
regardless of his day, and he also noted that he got a positive report from
Reimold’s performance in Saturday’s “B” squad game.  Reimold served as the Orioles designated
hitter in the contest against the Florida Marlins and reportedly looked
comfortable running and using new orthotics in his cleats.  

“For what he did, I’m real happy today, the way Reimold
moved,” Trembley said.

Reimold is projected to be the Orioles starting left fielder this season as part of a platoon with Felix Pie.

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