Rainy Friday

The rain has been on and off all morning, and there’s already been a few Grapefruit Leagues called, but as of 9 a.m. the Marlins and Orioles are still on for later this afternoon. Stay tuned.

Also, Jeremy Guthrie brought in a small clipping of his bio today to remind me that he’s not 31. I aged him in my last article and had it fixed, but the ribbing continues.  He won’t turn 31 until April 8. Maybe he’ll get some cupcakes.


Adam Jones CF
Cesar Izturis SS
Matt Wieters C
Miguel Tejada 3B
Ty Wigginton 2B
Michael Aubrey 1B
Lou Montanez LF
Scott Moore DH
Jeff Salazar RF

Jeremy Guthrie RHP


Chris Coghlan LF
Emilio Bonifacio CF
Hanley Ramirez SS
Jorge Cantu 3B
Dan Uggla 2B
Cody Ross DH
Gaby Sanchez 1B
Brett Carroll RF
Brett Hayes C

Andrew Miller LHP

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