Some more pitching

Saturday- Brian Matusz will start followed by Kam
Mickolio, Mark Hendrickon and Wilfrido Perez.

Sunday – Jason Berken, Chris Tillman, Jim Johnson and Koji Uehara pitch in
Sunday’s regular game.

Jake Arrieta, Troy Patton, Brandon Erbe, Chorye
Spoone and Luis Lebron pitch in the B-squad game, which will take place against the Pirates in Bradenton.

“The first four guys will go two each, Lebron will go one. It gives us an opportunity to get some more innings for those guys to pitch,” Dave Trembley said. “It’s really hard. You’ve got 30 pitchers in camp and you get to a point… we wanted to schedule a B game so we could get some of those young guys opportunities to pitch. You start running out of innings.”

Monday — Brad Bergesen gets his second start and will be followed by David Hernandez and

Tuesday- Kevin Millwood, Koji Uehara and Jim Johnson 

Pitch counts: Before the game against the Twins in Fort Myers, Trembley was talking about the lower pitch counts Orioles starters have had in the early going this spring. It’s been by design.

“People have asked me how come the pitch counts are down,” Trembley said. “If you’ve noticed, what we’ve done, we’ve brought a lot of guys back on three days instead of four to try and build up some arm strength and to get them out there more times. Once they get their pitch counts up, they’ll be spread out like they are are during the season.

“It’s come from talking to a lot of people, pitching coaches. I was talking to [Kevin] Millwood on the bus on the way down today. He’s come up through the Braves system. Their approach there with Leo [Mazzone] was to throw two sidelines in between starts. He likes it. He feels he gets an opportunity to throw more. I like what [Rick Kranitz] is doing here because it gets an opportunity to get our pitchers out more in games. Early in the season, I think they need to be in games.”

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