Bell's Defense

Josh Bell, considered the Orioles third baseman of the future, didn’t make the future look so bright on Tuesday.

Bell entered the game in place of Ty Wigginton in the top of the sixth and committed what easily could have been three errors (although he was only charged with two). 

With one out in the sixth inning, Bell’s throwing error allowed B.J. Upton to reach second base and later score. The Orioles allowed three runs in that inning thanks in part to some defensive miscues.

In the following frame,  it appeared Dan Johnson’s ball might have hit Bell, and he couldn’t come up with the throw in time. The play was scored as an infield single. After shortstop Blake Davis’ error allowed Joe Dillon to reach base safely, Bell committed his second error of the day to allow Ryan Shealy to get to first.

Bell’s error was the Orioles fifth of the afternoon, with pitcher Alberto Castillo receiving the brunt of the punishment. Castillo allowed two runs (one earned) on three hits and had to get about six outs to get out of the seventh inning, trailing 8-2.  

Bell walked in his first at-bat.

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