Millwood's Presence

Kevin Millwood’s presence with the Orioles so far shouldn’t be overlooked.

I’ve been watching him mesh with the young guys, like Chris Tillman and Brian Matusz already and have been really impressed.  He’s a hard worker, but he’s not in your face about it. He’s usually by his locker, hanging out and always seems to be in a good mood.

To further that notion, I get this quotes from my colleague TR Sullivan. 

“I miss him. I’m not going to lie, I miss him. I might give him a call this afternoon and see how he’s doing. He’s not good at returning calls. He might be on the golf course. If he is, you know he’s not going to return calls.”-– Rangers pitcher Tommy Hunter on Millwood.

And here’s manager Dave Trembley from this morning to cap off the Millwood-raving.

The thing about Millwood is he doesn’t want to be treated than
anyone else,”Trembely said. “He
wants no special favors, he wants no special attention. He took the bus
[with the team on Saturday morning]. He’s a pro.”

He’s a pro with the media too. Following his first post-game interview session, Millwood seemed shocked how swiftly it all went.

“That’s it? You guys are easy,” Millwood said.

So far, Kevin, so are you.

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