Pie Update

Felix Pie said his left quadrecips area felt stretched out after he legged out a triple in the third inning, and downplayed the extent of his injury.

“Its not tight, its stretched a little bit,” Pie said, gesturing toward his left leg. “But I’m OK.”

Pie didn’t walk off the base until two pitches later, and said he was conversing with third base coach Juan Samuel about erring on the cautious side.

“Juan wanted to talk to me to tell me that this is the beginning of the season, it’s spring training,” Pie said.  “I’m OK now, I do my job so [they] took me out of the game.”

And what a job he did. Pie homered in his first at-bat in the first inning, before tripling two frames later. If it was a regular season game, Pie said he would have stayed in with no problem. He walked off the field by his own accord and didn’t have any ice or bandages on when talking with the media on his way out.

Given the season-ending left quadriceps injury that sidelined him last year, the Orioles are likely just being careful. But I’ll have Trembley post-game and will let you know otherwise…

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