MacPhail No. 12 In SI GM Rankings

Sports Illustrated released rankings for the best GM’s in Major League Baseball today, with the Rays’ Andrew Friedman at the top of their list. The rest of the top 5 is Boston’s Theo Epstein, New York’s Brian Cashman, Florida’s Larry Beinfest and Seattle’s Jack Jack Zduriencik.

Orioles GM Andy MacPhail is No. 12 and here’s what the article had to say about him…

12. Andy MacPhail, Baltimore Orioles

He’s baseball royalty and a possible future commissioner who has built first-rate clubs in Minnesota and Chicago, so the surprise of MacPhail’s work in Baltimore is that he’s there at all, given the Orioles’ notoriously headache-inducing ownership. It’s not a surprise that he’s doing the job the right way. This is a lousy team, but that’s because under MacPhail’s stewardship they’re actually rebuilding properly rather than burning money in a futile bid for 80 wins. In any other division they’d be a comer.

I agree with the top 5 except for Brian Cashman. The Yankees have had so many large blunders contract-wise and wasted too much money on old veterans (that they can afford to bury). Plus their farm system lags behind the Red Sox and Rays (and the Orioles). What do you think?


Britt, die hard Yankee fan, but I enjoy your blog because I’m an avid fan of the entire league, especially keeping up with the Yankees divisional rivals. Gotta say though I think you’re a little off with the Cashman hating. As stated in the article that you’re citing, since Cashman took over with total control of the front office in 2005, the Yankees have been much better decision makers, and actually have a very deep farm system. They may be lacking in true thoroughbred prospects at positions other than Catcher, they are very deep when it comes to pitchers. I, like every other baseball fan in the country am interested to see how Cashman’s (and the rest of the front office’s) decision to let Matsui and Damon walk and replace them with Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson. Cashman knows when to spend the money (180/8 years on Teixeira) and when not to. Coming off a world series championship, Cashman definitely belongs in the top 5 GMs. I love what McPhail has done in BAL and for the first time in years the Orioles appear to be an organization on the other side of rebuilding. Tough division, but I think they will impress and surprise a lot of people. Keep doin’ a great job on the beat!

I do agree that Cashman has wasted a lot of money in his days, but the above poster has a good point: since Cashman took full control of baseball decision making, the club has done much better about refusing to overspend on mediocre veterans. Still, the above poster has on his pinstripe colored glasses when it comes to the farm system. Keith Law at ESPN ranked the Yankees system #25, and most other rankings I’ve seen have them in a similar area. Cashman has certainly done well with his large budget, but 3rd overall seems a bit rich.

Cashman has been doing a good job for the yankees, i just dont think GM of the team with the most money in sports is a very hard job. Back that with one of the best histories in all of sport too and a strong winning tradition and the best players in ball want to go there. I mean who DOESNT want to play for the yankees?

A good GM, yes. But a top GM no. Not hard to be a winning team when you can sign burnett, tex, and CC all in one off season. I believe the GM is better shown if he has the ability to build from within. Take a down team and turn them around. Just my opinion though.

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