Tillman back on track.

Chris Tillman threw his first bulllpen since coming out of Sunday’s session early with back spasms, and appeared to be pain free. Pitching coach Rick Kranitz spoke with Tillman for a few minutes prior to him throwing and also briefly consulted with him during the session.

After throwing, Tillman approached head athletic trainer Richard Bancells, who was standing behind the bullpen, and appeared to tell him his back felt fine. Tillman also motioned with his hands to illustrate that he wasn’t in any pain.  

“Everything felt good,” Tillman said afterwards. “Obviously, it felt like I hadn’t played catch in three days, but other than that, everything felt good and looked good. Kranny said my delivery looked nice and smooth.”

Kranitz praised Tillman’s ability to throw in the strike zone and said the session was “exactly what he was looking for.”

Tillman threw a regular-length ‘pen, while most of the other Orioles pitchers just used their session to warm up. The club started live batting practice today, with Mike Gonzalez (below) kicking it off.

gonzalez bp.jpg

*Just like yesterday, Brian Roberts took grounders at second base, and will likely continue to do what he did on Tuesday.

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