Back to Basics: Trembley Emphasizing Bunts

It’s not a usual sight to see Nick Markakis bunting in the batting cage, but that’s exactly what the Orioles right fielder was doing for a portion of Wednesday’s workout. Unlike Spring Trainings of the past, manager Dave Trembley has gone out of his way to emphasize bunting in the Orioles daily camp routine.  Trembley said the bunting station, which is done in the two netted cages, is one of five rotations the position players go to out on the field.

“I’m trying to add some things here that will be an emphasis on the team, and allowing us to be in a position to win more games,” Trembley said. “It’s the little things that obviously were prominent that might not have gotten done the way we wanted to get it done last year. So, let’s brush up on it in Spring Training, but lets also emphasize the importance of it.”

When a team is winning and fundamentally sound, you never hear about these little things. But, as Trembley pointed on Wednesday, when the fundamentals go by the wayside like the Orioles’ did at times last year, it becomes a sore spot.

“I take it real personal because I’ve made my bread and butter on being a guy that has taught fundamentals and been an instructor and a teacher and has emphasized that being a part of the game,” Trembley said. “And I think sometimes when you get to this level, it’s not done the way you want it to get done. 

“I told the ballclub [Tuesday], ‘I’ve got to do things better, I’ve got to make it better for them. And so I’m going to ask their cooperation.”

 *The Orioles also spent a good chunk of Wednesday’s workout defending the bunt, with all the pitchers and corner infielders getting in some work. Mark Hendrickson’s move got him a glowing recommendation from Trembley, who raved: “that’s how it’s done”.

*Half of the team’s staff, except for Chris Tillman  threw a short bullpen session before going out to throw live batting practice. Trembley said the rest of the pitchers will throw on Thursday, and Brad Bergesen will also throw the first of what’s expected to be his final two flat ground sessions.

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