Roberts, Tillman Updates

Brian Roberts took grounders at second base, lifted and hit off the tee on Tuesday morning, and is hoping to be able to take live batting practice within the next week.

Roberts, who was diagnosed with a small herniated disc in his lower back a few weeks ago, said he didn’t have any pain when bending over to field on Tuesday.

“It’s a matter of I haven’t done a whole lot of sprinting on the ground, I haven’t done a ton of rotational stuff [with hitting],” he said. “So, those are the two things we are just gradually working back into it.”

Roberts doesn’t usually hit much in the offseason anyway, so the Orioles leadoff man didn’t seem too concerned about being slightly behind this spring. He called the injury a “minor setback” yesterday. And it could very much end up being that, judging from how comfortable he looked on the field Tuesday.

Chris Tillman played catch and participated in all the pitchers’ drills Tuesday afternoon, and is scheduled to throw a side tomorrow as long as he gets clearance from head athletic trainer Richard Bancells. The Orioles pitchers are going to throw some live batting practice on Wednesday, but Tillman won’t be a part of that.

I wrote earlier this week about Tillman missing his last scheduled side due to back spams that he thinks stemmed from falling asleep on a couch. He laughed when I asked him if Trembley was going to institute a couch policy for the rest of the season.

“I just feel asleep watching T.V.,” Tillman said.

Although it was just a minor thing, the 21-year-old was relieved that he felt good during catch today and that the back spasms won’t hamper him going forward.

“I mean it’s not all the way gone yet but I am very relieved,” he said. “We will see how it feels off the mound. I’m not going to go 100 percent obviously …no reason to rush right now.”


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