Ed Smith Stadium- Oriole-ized

For those of you who aren’t following me on Twitter, (and really if you have it, you should!) I spent a good chunk of my day today taking pictures with my phone and my camera. Unfortunately, I made the rookie reporter mistake of leaving my camera cord at home, making it hard to upload the pics to my blog until now (another reason to join Twitter- it’s as simple as sending a text to put up pics).

So, my apologies. Here are some pics of the Orioles new digs, with a promise I will get more up when pitchers and catchers start filing in on Wednesday. And yes, I will put them up much quicker. The cord is already packed in my stadium bag.

Orioles ST 003.jpg

 The main entrance to the complex, with the clubhouse straight ahead and a few exits on the other side that lead out to the fields.

Orioles ST 002.jpg

 One of the side entrances, where most of the grounds keeping crew was out and about all morning making sure everything looked up to snuff. Trembley told me he was astonished by how quickly they turned the place around. I guess three weeks ago when he was down here it was a different story. Hats off to their hard work.

Orioles ST 006.jpg Batting cages at one of the practice fields.

Thumbnail image for Orioles ST 011.jpg

This says it all right here. Sarasota’s new team = the Orioles.

Orioles ST 013.jpg

 View from one of the stadium’s tunnel. This is my favorite picture. Can’t you just smell the hot dogs?

Orioles ST 014.jpg

 Ed Smith Stadium. Obviously.

Orioles ST 016.jpg

 Another view with the press box.

Orioles ST 015.jpg


I was skeptical that you could provide anything that the our excellent bloggers, Roch Kubatko and Peter *******, couldn’t provide, but pictures are something they don’t put up. Great pics, and keep up the good work. You’re gonna learn to love the Orioles and the fans. Hopefully the stadium will be packed again as we start winning, and you can experience the best of Baltimore baseball.

Welcome to Orioles baseball, Brittany. I look forward to reading your posts throughout the season.

Thanks so much! –Britt

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