Bergesen a Lesson?

In the wake of Brad Bergesen’s injury the AP just released a story regarding the Orioles new policy on commercials, which basically includes having a member of the team’s medical staff or baseball operations present for filming.

It’s not really a new policy, a team source told me it’s a non-issue and a basic precaution they are going to take going forward. There’s no newsy manual or any repercussion for Bergesen, who is expected to be 10 days behind when pitchers and catchers report Wednesday, and start practicing Thursday.

Not sure why the AP released that story today, but it really seems to mirror what Andy MacPhail told the Baltimore Sun (who broke the story) last Thursday.

“We have already made some adjustments in terms of making sure we have
medical personnel or baseball personnel present for anything we do in
the future,” MacPhail told the Sun.

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1 Comment

Good idea for the future that every MLB team maybe follow in those same footsteps for injury prevention.
Glad to see an ex-Rays writer back in the groove and working for this season.
Wish you luck and continued awesome writing for the rest of 2010.

Rays Renegade

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